Thursday, March 12, 2009


Need your input here.
I'm deciding whether I should just start my own business (kind of a conglomeration of two jobs) or keep up the search for a job working for someone else.
Pros and cons, people?


Bas~Melech said...

For me, it'd probably depend on how much of an investment starting up would require and how urgently I need income. Because starting a business is riskier and even if it succeeds it usually doesn't take off right away. AFAIK.

Also, it's a personality thing. How much initiative and responsibility are you able/willing to take?

Floating Reflections said...

In addition to bas-melech's good points, with a wage, you can sign up certain direct debits knowing that a said amount of money will be coming in each week/month. This cannot be said with being self-employed.

Wishing you lots of hazlocha which ever path you choose to take.

halfshared said...

The thing with opening your own business is firstly, you need capital to make the initial investment. Also, you have to really believe that there's a demand for that product or service wherever you'll be doing business.
If it's a home-business, you can expect people to ask to come at all hours and for special favors. You need to have the kind of personality that can be firm yet flexible when necessary. Also, you'll probably need a backup to help you when you can't be there.
Being your own boss though can hold a lot of financial opportunity if it's successful and flexibility that you won't get as an employee.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do.