Monday, April 14, 2008

Out Of It

Pesach is on its way.

But for all the prep I've been doing
You'd never know.

I feel so out of it.

At least I'm able to bake tomorrow.
Will make me feel a bit better about not doing anything.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Beginnings...

They all said
they've never been
to a wedding
like ours.

It wasn't just
the number
of attendees.

It wasn't
the food

or the decor

or even
the location.

It wasn't the length of time
people stayed around.
(packed tables until after the second dance)

It wasn't the hair
the makeup
or the gowns.

It wasn't even the dancing
(though even I barely sat...
people didn't even know that I sprained my ankle.)


It was the feeling
in the air.
The joy.
The endless simcha.

Thank you
for making my wedding
one to remember.

As the caterer said,
"I've done many weddings
but I've never seen one
like this one."

Mazal Tov!