Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oatmeal Cookies

Well, I finally decided to create my own blog.
It's about time, no?

Hope all of you all enjoy it....

So now, for my first post, heeeeeeeeeeeeere goes!

Oatmeal cookies.
I always liked them.
The mixture of flavors is perfection defined.
The oats.
The cinnamon.
The raisins.
The chewy, soft center.
The crispness around the edges.
The perfect breakfast, snack or whatever.
Sorta reminds me of myself.
The good, healthy oatmeal:
The noble part of me.
The dried out raisins:
My tired out mind.
The cinnamon:
All the extras that I'm blessed with.
My mushy inside
And tough exterior.
Guess that's one reason
to like oatmeal cookies.
I like myself, too.

***Oh, and the best recipe for oatmeal cookies is on the cover of the container of Quaker Oats. Yum!