Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Enough?

I call you every morning
And we chat for a short while
But then you start questioning
Turning down my smile

And you ask me if I'll ever
Have some good news to tell
And I gently tell you "I don't know"
But inside, I want to yell

First I was the black sheep
And then took long to marry
And now I just ain't good enough
Till a little one I carry

It's G-d who makes decisions
And Gran, what can I do?
Will there ever be a time
When I'm good enough for you?


LittleBirdies said...

Grandparents mean well, but well sometimes just say things that make us uncomfortable.

First it's when will you get married, then when will you have a kid, and then when you have a lot of kids they comment that you have too many.

halfshared said...

I'm so sorry. That must hurt you so much. A person's worth should not and cannot be measured by things that aren't in their control.

SIS said...

First of all, you're amazing for calling your grandmother every morning. Second of all, I'm sorry she expresses her feelings, instead of just asking your mother all the time (like my grandmother would do). Third of all, you're even more amazing for STILL calling her every morning, despite her friendly little questions.

The Dreamer said...

LB - yup

HS - yup


SIS - I started when my parents went to Israel for a week (my mom stops by her apartment almost every day). i called to check up on her.
She got used to my phone calls, so now i call on the way to work, so it's simpler... I don't usually call when i'm the one driving, though.

Bas~Melech said...

Oh man, I know what you're talking about! And I'm with SIS, it's amazing that you keep calling... as wrong as it is, I tend to avoid people who do that to me... I guess I shouldn't put myself through too much of a guilt trip though; I just can't handle it!

Don't they understand how badly we want to be the ones giving them nachas? And can't they just get nachas from who we are, as we are now?

Floating Reflections said...

But not think that they dont daven, they sit there with their tehillim on their lap and it is those grandchildren that they are close to, that they feel that they can say anything to...that they also shed tears for.

Scraps said...

Sigh...must be really rough. :(

I am not looking forward to going home for Pesach, because everyone is going to be pestering me about when I'm going to find a nice boy to marry already, what's taking me so long? And as much as I love my younger sister, I'm almost glad she won't be around with her cute little baby. (Does that make me a bad sister? :-/)